Making comments on Logical Models in conMan

When using the conMan Logical model review application, it’s possible for a user to make a note against an element in the form (in fact, collecting these comments is a primary purpose for perfoming the review. Here’s an example where a note has been entered against the reportIdentifier field:


If you want to review the notes that users have made, then select the ‘Summary of LM Review’ tab. There are 2 views possible:

  • A combined view of all notes made by all reviewers for all scenarios
  • Notes by all reviewers for a single scenario

In either case, the first thing to do is to click the ‘Refresh’ button to the upper right. This will collect the appropriate reviews from the server, and collate the display. This can be a lengthy process, especially for the combined view. Here’s an example from the New Zealand ‘Adverse Reactions’ project:

You can see that this is presented as a table with the elements that had had notes made as rows, and individual reviewers notes in columns. Note that in the combined view (which is the first tab) the comments are ‘aggregated’ by the element path – regardless of which scenario the user entered the comment into.

It is possible for someone to make a comment against a note. This is useful when the note requires clarification or can be explained. If comments have been made for a note, then the number of comments is displayed as a ‘badge’ to the right of the note. To see the comments, simply move the mouse over the cell and the comments will be displayed in a popup like this:

There can be any number of comments against a note. To see more detail of the comment (like when it was made) click the mouse while the popover is displayed, and an edit dialog appears.

This shows the further details, and also allows a new comment to be entered.



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