A tool for commenting on profiles

In a previous post I talked about the seminar that we held at the recent HINZ conference where a group of clinicians discussed how to profile the AllergyIntolerance resource for the purpose of recording Adverse Drug reactions in New Zealand. While the conversation was fruitful, it was evident to us all that we needed a way to continue the conversation ‘virtually’ (ie without needing face to face meetings) and also a way to more easily involve others in the discussion.

To facilitate this, we’ve been working on new functionality for clinFHIR – imaginatively called ‘Profile Commenter’. This post describes the first version of that tool.

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FHIR at the New Zealand HINZ conference.

As part of the HINZ conference, we (HL7 New Zealand) held a 1 day seminar on FHIR with a focus on clinicians rather than our more usual technical audience. We decided to do this because FHIR is now at a stage where wider clinical input is feasible – it’s at DSTU-2 and there is visualization tooling (clinFHIR) available. Technical folk are already on board with FHIR – it  just makes sense to them – so time to pull in our clinical colleagues that have not yet been involved.

There were 2 parts to the day.

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John Halamka on FHIR

HL7 DevDays

Just a reminder that the FHIR DevDays in the Netherlands is fast approaching! The date is November 18th to the 20th in Amsterdam .

This will be an awesome 3 days of FHIR with tons of presentations and practical sessions from the people who know FHIR the best. Here is the programme, so you can see for yourself.

Unfortunately I can’t go myself (again!) due to the distance involved, but if you’re in Europe or nearby, then it’s an opportunity not to be missed.