Internationalizing clinFHIR

I’m supposed to be finishing off my presentation (I’m giving the ‘FHIR for developers’ tutorial at the Montreal WGM) and Mary-Anne will kill me if it’s in late – but I was chatting with a colleague from HL7 Russia, and got a bit sidetracked…

Apparently they like some of my posts (which is flattering) and are translating them into Russian (also flattering). They also like using clinFHIR as an educational tool (even more flattering) but wondered if it could be ‘internationalized’ – ie the User Interface elements translated into Russian (the resource content would remain English of course). Now this is the second time that someone has asked for this (the last one was from Lithuania), so I thought why not?

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clinFHIR Resource Builder: version 2

In the past few months I’ve been working on the clinFHIR resource builder that we use at the ‘Clinicians on FHIR’ events at the Working Group Meetings.

In fact, this really became a complete re-write of the application, as there were a number of issues that I just couldn’t fix in the current version – especially around the rendering and creation of extensions. This has resulted in some changes to the User Interface, so the purpose of this post is to describe those changes when creating and viewing resources. It’s not quite complete, but ready for people to give it some user testing.

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Montreal Connectathon

I would imagine that most readers of this blog are aware of the Connectathons that we hold at the beginning of each Working Group Meeting. These events are critical to the evolution of FHIR as an ‘implementer friendly’ standard, so we love to have as many people present as possible!

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