clinFHIR and the CodeSystem resource (STU-3)

As you’ll probably be aware, a lot of my focus in recent months has been in updating clinFHIR to help non-technical folk like clinicians understand what FHIR is, and how they can get involved in FHIR related projects. Here’s a White Paper I did for Orion Health on the subject…

There are a couple of core components that have been developed to assist this.

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New UI for clinFHIR

If you’ve used clinFHIR in the last 24 hours then you’ll have noticed a new User Interface. This is a recognition that clinFHIR is now really a number of ‘co-operating’ modules rather than a single application, so the previous UI wasn’t really the best any more.

In this post I’ll describe the UI (Actually I call it a ‘Launcher’ as it’s really a start point for the various modules).

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We’re looking for volunteers to help out with QA (Quality Assurance) for the STU3 FHIR specification.

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Move to New Zealand!

If you’re thinking of moving to New Zealand (and, of course, everyone wants to), then have I got a deal for you!

(Sorry, blatant misuse of a FHIR blog!)