Orders in different servers

So in the previous post we talked about how we could support the workflow track in the upcoming Connectathon (specifically for diagnostic orders) using a RESTful paradigm. There was quite a flurry of activity on the implementers chat about how this should work – with a number of differing opinions expressed about whether a separate set of resources (the Order / OrderResponse) is required or whether the detail resources (eg DiagnosticOrder, MedicationOrder) are sufficient. This sort of discussion is exactly what Connectathons are intended to promote to that’s all good!

Nevertheless, for this Connectathon we need to proceed with the current arrangement, which will help ‘flesh out’ some of these issues.

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Orders in FHIR

One of the streams at the next FHIR Connectathon is Lab Order Services – a track designed to exercise the workflow components of FHIR. Up until now, most of the focus of the team has been on developing the base resources and supporting infrastructure, so now that that’s in a good shape, one of the next focuses will be workflow. There’s a lot of thinking going on right now –  there’s a specific workflow project looking at this, and Keith blogged about it quite recently so the current way in which FHIR manages workflow is very likely to change significantly – probably as part of the 2.1 version scheduled to be released towards the end of next year.

I was asked if we could use clinFHIR as a client for exercising workflow at the Connectathon, so have spent a bit of time just recently thinking about how we could do that.

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