More FHIR on the pi…

So this is in the nature of the ‘I’m doing it this way just because I can!’

The background is that I want to create a series of time lapse pictures from a property overlooking a tidal river that doesn’t have internet access, and to be able to access those images remotely. (The property is in Waipu – rural New Zealand!)

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Resource reference visualization in clinFHIR

I was skyping with my colleague Viet Nguyen over the weekend about some improvements I was adding to clinFHIR – the resource viewer now generates a more ‘user friendly’ display for some of the resources (Encounter, Observation, Condition). I showed him what I had done, and asked him what else might be useful and he said:

This maybe pie in the sky – a network type diagram with different colored icons representing conditions, encounters, labs, etc. that allows the user to visualize the relationship between conditions and related resources. This is the type of “breaking out of the document paradigm” approach I’d like to pursue.

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