Clinician Connectathon

Well, we’ve just finished the second Clinician Connectathon. I wasn’t able to attend in person, but was able to dial in from home (New Zealand) to participate and it all worked out really well.

The tooling mostly behaved itself (we had a few server issues) – which was a relief!

We’ll do a more complete review later on, but for me the take away is that these events are really worth continuing (and the others seemed to agree with this), and that the tooling needs to continue to evolve – perhaps to move away from a strictly resource focussed perspective as it is now, to a more functional one. We also need to increase the range of resources, supported properties on those resources, save more stuff to FHIR servers & improve the way we support profiling. No pressure…

We’ll continue to work on this, and we’re encouraging people to try the tooling out between events so that bugs and be squashed, enhancements can be developed, deployed & tested prior to the actual event and we can maximize the value of getting clinical folk together to talk FHIR.

If you’re interested, the tool is available here, and I do encourage you to go have a look and give us feedback (you can do that in comments to this post for the moment- we’ll figure out a better way soon). We’ll also be working on the documentation…

So, on to Paris in May! (and I’m off for a sleep…)

About David Hay
I'm an independent contractor working with a number of Organizations in the health IT space. I'm an HL7 Fellow, Chair Emeritus of HL7 New Zealand and a co-chair of the FHIR Management Group. I have a keen interest in health IT, especially health interoperability with HL7 and the FHIR standard. I'm the author of a FHIR training and design tool - clinFHIR - which is sponsored by InterSystems Ltd.

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