Benefits of FHIR

Like many people I suspect, I do feel rather ‘odd’ when recording interviews (feels a bit like being told that I am ‘showing off’) but Orion Health (my employer) is doing a lot of work with FHIR – both in terms of implementing it in the products, and also supporting my FHIR work in a number of areas outside the organization including attending various meetings so when they asked if I would record a short interview on the benefits of FHIR I thought it was a reasonable request.

So here it is – I guess it’s not too bad, though there are so many more things I could have described – such the value in analytics, population based queries (find patients ‘at risk’), decision support, precision medicine and so forth..

But I still find it odd looking at recordings of myself!

About David Hay
I'm an independent contractor working with a number of Organizations in the health IT space. I'm an HL7 Fellow, Chair Emeritus of HL7 New Zealand and a co-chair of the FHIR Management Group. I have a keen interest in health IT, especially health interoperability with HL7 and the FHIR standard. I'm the author of a FHIR training and design tool - clinFHIR - which is sponsored by InterSystems Ltd.

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