Move to New Zealand!

If you’re thinking of moving to New Zealand (and, of course, everyone wants to), then have I got a deal for you!

(Sorry, blatant misuse of a FHIR blog!)


About David Hay
I'm an independent contractor working with a number of Organizations in the health IT space. I'm an HL7 Fellow, Chair Emeritus of HL7 New Zealand and a co-chair of the FHIR Management Group. I have a keen interest in health IT, especially health interoperability with HL7 and the FHIR standard. I'm the author of a FHIR training and design tool - clinFHIR - which is sponsored by InterSystems Ltd.

6 Responses to Move to New Zealand!

  1. rienwertheim says:

    Is this your house David? Moving out? Finally coming to Amsterdam, city of tulips, drugs and FHIR?

    • David Hay says:

      Hi Rien,

      Yes – this is where I live (for now)! Would love to come to Amsterdam, but more likely up to Waipu (a small town a couple of hours north of Auckland)…


  2. Peter Jordan says:

    Whatever next – real estate ads on the ClinFHIR site?

  3. Russell Bateman says:

    I spent a month there, July/August 1973. Everything from Whangarei down to Ashburton on South Island. What an astoundingly beautiful country! More recently, as an LotR fan, I’ve renewed my admiration.

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