FHIR Connectathon, May 2017, Madrid Spain

Notice about the next connectathon:
It’s again my pleasure to remind you of the 15th FHIR Connectathon that is coming up on the Saturday/Sunday 6/7 May just before the next HL7 Working Group Meeting in Madrid, Spain. Here’s the link to the WGM: http://www.hl7.org/events/working_group_meeting/2017/05/
Here’s the wiki page that describes the connectathon in more detail: http://wiki.hl7.org/index.php?title=FHIR_Connectathon_15

We have 9 tracks this time around, and the event is based on FHIR release 3:
  • Patient Track (particularly suitable for FHIR newcomers)
  • Workflow Track
  • CDS Hooks
  • FHIR Genomics
  • Devices on FHIR
  • Clinical Reasoning
  • Terminology
  • Financial Track
  • Structured Data Capture
  • Clinical Research
  • Data Analytics
so there’s plenty to choose from.
Each of the tracks has a detailed description of what it is trying to achieve – the roles and the scenarios being tested. In addition, there is a track lead that you can talk to for more information about the track- generally there a place for people new to the track, and those who have done one before. The connectathon wiki page above has links to these descriptions – definitely worth a look. The last item – Data Analytics is a bit different, less focussed on developers and more in informatics.
For those who haven’t been to a connectathon before, they serve a number of purposes. First and foremost they are way to ensure that FHIR meets the needs of implementers by testing it using real-world scenarios. But they are a great way of meeting the folk most active in the community and having the opportunity to talk with them in person. The Patient track in particular is a good choice for someone new to the event as it is quite straight forward, but also good for people interested in testing, as we’re using that that track to exercise the automated testing.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions, otherwise I look forward to meeting you in Madrid!

About David Hay
I'm an independent contractor working with a number of Organizations in the health IT space. I'm an HL7 Fellow, Chair Emeritus of HL7 New Zealand and a co-chair of the FHIR Management Group. I have a keen interest in health IT, especially health interoperability with HL7 and the FHIR standard. I'm the author of a FHIR training and design tool - clinFHIR - which is sponsored by InterSystems Ltd.

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