Connectathon Manager

The Connectathon Manager was developed to support FHIR connectathons.


To use the Manager, follow these steps.

  • First, add yourself as a person using the ‘People’ tab. Once you’ve done this, you can then be associated with a client or a server, and a summary will appear in the people tab.
  • Next, add any clients or servers that you have using the Client or Server tab. For a client you add the name of the client (which must be unique), a description, and yourself as the contact. A Server is similar, except that you add the URL to the server root, and click the ‘check’ button to retrieve the CapabilityStatement (which is required of all FHIR servers).
  • Next, use the Track Scoring tab to register your interest in a particular scenario. When adding the client or server, you indicate which role you will be participating as. The actual outcome is registered at the intersection of a client with a server, and can be pass, fail or partial. Note that currently the app only supports a 2 participant (client & server) interaction.

To view the

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