Chinese FHIR documentation

Recently I was in Shanghai, giving a 2 day seminar on FHIR under the auspices of HL7 China and HL7 New Zealand, and sponsored by my employer – Orion Health. I was impressed by the interest in FHIR there, and also that there are some active FHIR projects under way – one of which I’m going to write about as soon as I have the bandwidth to do so!

Quite co-incidentally I received an email from another member of HL7 China – Lin Zhang of  the Department of Nuclear Medicine, Bethune International Peace Hospital who has translated the “Introduction to FHIR tutorial” that we give at the HL7 Working Group meetings into Chinese. The translation has been hosted off the HL7 China wiki here. (FHIR presentations are freely available from the GForge repository, but this is probably a better place for Chinese speaking folk).

Lin has also volunteered to help out with the on-going translation of FHIR specifications into Chinese – an important step for what we hope will be a truly international standard. Give me a shout if you want to contact Lin – better not to post their email here…

Heres a link to some other Chinese FHIR resources.

btw – in case you wondered – I don’t speak Chinese so relied on the expertise of my colleague at Orion Health – Alan Wang to help out with the more compex bits (most of the audience had some english). Thanks Alan!