Mapping HL7 Version 2 to FHIR Messages

When thinking about how FHIR is going to be implemented ‘for real’, it’s likely that ‘green fields’ applications – where there is no existing standard in use – will be early adopters – mobile is an obvious example.

But inevitably, we’re going to need to manage situations where HL7 standards are already in use and we want to introduce FHIR as well – i.e. the two standards are going to co-exist.

There’s a lot of work underway with mapping CDA (and CCDA in particular) to FHIR resources – indeed this work will provide a valuable ‘peer review’ for the completeness of FHIR resources, but in this post let’s have a look at how we might introduce FHIR into an existing HL7 version 2 based infrastructure.

Now, this is a really big area to cover, so we’ll use a specific – and small – Use Case to guide our discussion – we’ll take an HL7 version 2.4 ORU message (technically an ORU^R01 containing a radiology result), and produce a FHIR message that we can submit to a FHIR server, which will then save the Observation in the data store.

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