c# FHIR Library

c# FHIR Library

Ewout has started documenting the c# library available for .net developers to access FHIR resources.

This is a cool library!

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  1. Koray Atalag says:

    This looks quite useful but I reckon the functionality is quite basic at the moment. I reckon resources have object notation, e.g. you can access items using ‘fields’ with resource.item. I think the challenge would be to provide an object model from profiles & slicing rather than working with resources individually as these would be matching to business requirements.

    I’m working with a similar framework at the moment where we can create computable forms of clinical models from openEHR ‘Templates’ (=FHIR profiles) automatically using tooling. It can then be imported into a C# .NET project and used like any other assembly.

    I guess one inevitable aspect to deal would be persistence, is there an intention to provide a “FHIR based clinical repository / EHR”?

  2. Peter Jordan says:

    Finally downloaded this and incorporated it into my Workbench Application. After populating a Combo Box with the URLs of all the listed FHIR Test Servers, I could only GET a Patient Resource from Grahame and Ewout’s servers – others resulted in exceptions for various reasons, including the use of patient rather than Patient. While I realize that these are only test servers and that the FHIR specification is clear on resource naming, it did lead me to think that without a clear certification regime for servers, problems lie ahead. Is there a plan to produce a comprehensive set of requirements for FHIR Servers and a set of test artifacts?

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