Supporting SNAPP: Accessing New Zealand Medicines Terminologies With FHIR Terminology Services

A guest post from Peter Jordan – author of the Patients First Terminology server that will be available for use at SNApp, and frequent HL7 FHIR Connectathon attender…

Take it away Peter…

As those developing healthcare applications for the local market are well aware, and overseas developers preparing for the ‘SNAPP’ event at the upcoming SNOMED conference in Wellington, are becoming aware, New Zealand has its own medicines terminology. Interacting with this terminology – broadly known at the NZ Universal List of Medicines (NZULM) – is one of the many challenges facing SNAPP participants.

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Contained resources – MedicationStatement

Continuing our ‘mini-series’ on the SNapp event, one thing you may come across when consuming MedicationStatement resources are ‘Contained’ resources. We’ve talked about them before, but in the interest of having all the SNapp information in the same place let’s take a look at what they are.

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SNapp server

Just a short note to say that I’ve set up a FHIR server for the SNapp event – based on the HAPI CLI server.

The IP address of the server root is:

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