Recording notes against scenarios in conMan

One of the main areas that the scenario builder in conMan differs from the one in clinFHIR is that conman has support for entering and viewing notes that participants create from the scenarios (graphs) they create. In this page, we’ll discuss how that is done. I assume you are familiar with the scenario builder in conMan- there’s a basic intro here, and also a more advanced page on tips & tricks. (By the way – we’re referring to these as ‘notes’ rather than comments, because functionality is being developed to allow people to make comments against notes – eg to agree or disagree with the note) so I want to keep the concepts distinct.

There are 2 aspects to notes to graphs – Adding them, and Reviewing them.

Adding Notes

There are 2 ways to add a note:

  • against the resource graph as a whole
  • against an individual element within a resource.

Notes against the overall graph are entered through a tab in the left pane as shown in the screen shot below:



(you have to select another tab after entering it for it to be saved in the database – a limitation I’ve yet to fix).

To enter a note against a resource, first select the resource from the list on the left, make sure the table view is shown on the right, and select the ‘show notes’ link in the title of the table. This will add a column to the right of the table where you can enter your comment. Here’s an example:



Viewing Notes

There are also 2 ways to review the notes that people have entered – both selectable as tabs from the topmost tab bar – Summary of Scenarios, and All scenario notes. The former is more comprehensive as it shows the individual graphs and the data that people have entered, while the latter is an overall summary.

Here’s a screen shot of the summary view:


And here’s the All Scenarios view (Note that it will include all scenarios from all tracks at the moment)




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